Sunday, March 9, 2008

First *WOW* moment

Activation nearly a week ago was bittersweet; the ability to hear all the sounds around me is amazing, but speech comprehension was, well, not that great. For all the admonishments to keep expectations low, all the positive things posted on the blogs and groups do tend to make you hope for amazing results.

I haven't posted much because I've gone through a number of, well, "issues" is the current vernacular, I guess. I tried running a couple of times, just simple three mile runs, slow and easy, but that led to vertigo; in one case, the vertigo lasted for more than a day. So I've quit running for a bit. Considering I'm planning a marathon at the end of April, that's gonna be a problem.

My tinnitus flared up something awesome for a few days about two weeks after surgery; so bad I really thought I was almost going insane. That seems to have taken care of itself too.

Then yesterday, I kept getting these pains, felt almost like muscle spasms in my brain, every minute or so. That seems to have abated. Mostly, anyway.

I know, I'm whining, and it's ugly; all of these complaints are relatively minor. The good news is we had a family gathering today and I was *amazed* how well I understood people! My sister Mary, I frankly have not been able to understand even with lip reading for nearly a decade. Today, I could easily understand her (with lip reading) with the CI! I mean, every word came in loud and clear. My hearing aids never gave me that. Pretty cool; even mundane conversations are *powerful* when you can hear and understand them, and really participate rather than just try to keep up.

It was only a taste; I still have trouble with most people, and the TV, and stuff, but that one single conversation was truly eye-opening.

I also had a nice chat with another recent implantee; it was nice to exchange observations. In some ways learning to use this device is a bit of a lonely business; there really aren't that many people to chat with about the experience.

I go for my second map on Tuesday. I am a bit uncomfortable with how much my whole life really pivots around my success or failure with this device, but I am optimistic, if not very patient.