Friday, February 15, 2008

Six of One

Friday, three days post-surgery, and I feel fine!

Not strong, exactly, and still a bit light-headed, but I haven't had to take any pain medications yet today. I took Andy for a short half-mile walk and the sun felt really nice.

I had my hair cut off---very short buzz cut---in anticipation of downtime during which I would not be able to shower. That worked out great; I can clean my scalp with a washcloth and feel nice and clean, and I don't have to worry about drowning the incision site. Guys, I highly recommend it.

I don't remember anything between the anetheseologist saying "you'll feel a bit light-headed" in the pre-op room and waking up about eight hours later in post-op. Susie says I was concious when they wheeled me to the surgery room, but I sure don't remember that at all.

Taking the pressure bandage off this morning, three days after surgery, was such a relief.

Here's a hint: if you're uncomfortable and can't sleep, take the narcotics. They help a lot. It's not a contest to see how long you can do without the drugs. I can see how people might get addicted to these painkillers.

I also used one of those airplane pillows, the ones that look like a horsecollar. I was able to arrange this so I could sleep on my side as well as my back (even my non-operative ear was very sore from the pressure bandage).

My new name in the collective will be "Six of One".


Erica said...

Glad you are back and doing well!

Cyborg Queen said...

Woooo! Can't wait for your activation day!'re lucky that you could cut your hair. My hair is waist yeah. It was gross after not being able to wash it, but it felt SO good to finally wash it. LOL1

Welcome to the collective Six of One

~Eight of Nineteen, Nucleus Freedom Unimatrix Two-One *snickers*

Abbie said...

You sound like you are just sailing through this recovery! I was not shy about the narcotics either. In fact, I was practically religious with taking them! I found that day 3-5 absolutely sucked! Can you sleep on your implant side or no?

Tomas Rokicki said...

Well, right after I posted the blog entry I started feeling tired, so I took a long nap. We'll see how the next couple of days go. I haven't even *tried* sleeping on my implant side, or even feeling around that ear; I'm happy to be as feeling as well as I do, and don't want to find a reason to hurt.

Jennifer said...

With my first implant, I didn't need the painkillers much, and was afraid to take them, so I only took Motrin. With this one, though, I was in a world of hurt and actually got permission to take 'em two at a time, around the clock, and slept like a baby for the first three days or so! I was SO grateful to have them (although they did a number on my stomach so I had to stop taking them after just a few days)! I'm glad you're feeling better and recovering so nicely...don't overdo, but rest up and allow a little pampering!
I SO don't know any good cyborg names! You should make one up for me...I'm borg-illiterate, I suppose ;)
Don't bother trying to sleep on the implant side just yet. This time around I was able to at about two weeks out with no pain at all, but there's no reason to rush it! :)

Tales from the CI Gal said...

Just got here to your blog. Welcome to CI hood. I am so glad you are doing well. Keep us informed and any questions, we CIs love to help.

Enjoy the time to rest because once activated you are too excited to rest again,

Ruminator said...

Thanks for the tips. And funny, I just happen to have a haircut appt. this Saturday, just 6 days prior to my first implant surgery on 2/29. I'll seriously consider your recommendation to get it cut real short.

Wow. The date quickly approaches for me. Sure hope I'm doing the right thing.

Tomas Rokicki said...

ruminator, where is your blog? Can you post its address in a comment? I am interested in your background and the like.

It is a bit odd this past week going around with one ear 100% *off* (I did have residual hearing, roughly equal, in both ears before surgery) but so far I am coping and I so look forward to being turned *on*.

Ruminator said...

My blog: