Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can You Hear a Marathon?

Water resistant? How about four hours and fifteen minutes of running in the California sun, without a single hiccup?

Yes, I finished my Marathon on the 27th of April, wearing the Nucleus Freedom the whole way without a single problem. I got to talk to a lot of people on the course during the race, and heard a lot of wind noise, but it was great running this marathon able to hear everything that was going on.

I cannot complain about the time; it's slower than I normally run, but considering that it was less than eleven weeks after my surgery, and my first long run was less than a month before the marathon, I'm not unhappy.

The marathon I ran was the Big Sur International Marathon; if you have not run this marathon, you must! It's the most amazingly gorgeous course in the world. I run it every year without fail (nine years now).

My cochlear implant has been working wonders for me; there is so much more I am hearing and so much more I am understanding. I need to work harder on my rehab (audio books, use of the phone, things like that) but conversation with most people is pretty effortless.

I was disappointed to see that Battlestar Galactica stole my title (Six of One) without any acknowledgement. On the other hand, I'm so happy that new episodes are out!

Spent yesterday at the Maker Faire with a bunch of friends and family; another great thing to do.

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Abbie said...

Congratulations Tomas on doing a Marathon!

I'm glad to see you are doing well with your implant :)